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Isabel Ebrahimi


My Mission


Isabel Ebrahimi is passionate in her commitment to help support parents, children, and young adults who are struggling in some way, either with learning, processing, social or emotional difficulties, either in school, or in their lives, and either with or without ADD/ADHD.

Isabel Ebrahimi is a genuinely compassionate supportive and knowledgeable coach for families dealing with learning difficulties and behavioral challenges. She productively and without judgment helps identify obstacles that prevent all members of the family including children and parents from moving beyond the negative routines and roles that may have come to define them. Through hard won experience she has come to understand what factors parents deal with and She has become particularly perceptive and astute at helping parents pinpoint factors contributing to their children’s difficulties, and can customize steps to help them conquer their issues in concrete ways.

My Education

My undergraduate College education was at UCSC Politics, and my graduate work was in counseling psychology and organizational psychology from Columbia University. I have worked both in the corporate sector and doing advocacy work.

Personal Statement

Regardless of who you are, how old you are, or how terrible things are, or how overwhelmed you feel by your life Help is here! I am very good at supporting my clients and seeing my clients as capable of changing their lives in measurable and concrete ways. My clients never feel alone, they know they have a partner/team mate right alongside them in me.

I am passionate and driven to help people because as a parent I have experienced feeling helpless and overwhelmed. Through my own trials I have developed expertise at identifying positive resources and a gift for fostering personal growth.
I want to support families who have struggled as I have, so that they don’t go through what I have been through. I have been that parent with the child who’s child is miserable and is not learning as easily as the other children. All the while I was told; “your child is fine”! As a parent I followed my instincts, and came to learn and understand that indeed there were significant issues, and they did exist, and, could be helped. I learned the hard way how to get help and support them. I want to help other families so they are not derailed and told unhelpful destructive things like their 7 year old child is not learning to read because he is lazy. Or to invest in methods of teaching that do not help. I do not believe that children are lazy, I am certain that all children want to learn and be successful, and overcome their challenges, and so that they can be their best. I also believe that anyone can achieve their goals with the right support! I am committed to helping support individuals young and old in changing their lives!

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