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About Isabel

Isabel Ebrahimi is passionate in her commitment to help support parents, children, and young adults who are struggling in some way, either with learning, processing, social or emotional difficulties, either in school, or in their lives, and either with or without ADD/ADHD.

What Can Isabel Do For You and Your Family?

School and professional training available.

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If you already know what the challenge is that you are facing specifically whether it be a learning issue or ADHD in your family. Isabel can help you identify specifically what the blocks are from being able to proceed making the concrete lasting changes you wish to come about and have the support in doing so.

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Isabel can help support your family by asking the right questions, to help support your identifying what is not working in your family, and specifically why? And support you in identifying the actions you want to take in order that you can make the changes to bring about harmony once again.

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Are you feeling completely overwhelmed and tired of the same patterns repeating themselves? Isabel can help you identify what the obstacles are that repeatedly bring about the sense of overwhelm you experience and why? By asking the right questions, she will support you in developing steps and actions to specifically take that will bring about a sense of confidence and calm with lasting change.

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Isabel works with children and teenagers in identifying what specifically is causing them the stress, confusion and sense of overwhelm. She asks the right questions and supports the process of their taking ownership of what the issues are while she helps bring about a sense of their feeling more centered. While working together as a team to provide the support that is needed to bring about a sense of confidence and concrete change.



Isabel acts as a collaborative partner with public and private schools. She provides professional development training that helps teachers and administrators better understand ADHD, the challenges associated with it, and how to bring out the best in students with the disorder. Committed to promoting the optimal outcomes for schools, students and families, Isabel offers techniques and solutions to help solve the issues they are experiencing.



As ADHD affects day-to-day activities of young people across the spectrum, Isabel also works with diverse non-profit organizations to help raise awareness of the disorder. She serves as a consultant, provides training sessions, and conducts informational events to educate staff, the organization’s members and the general public about ADHD, common identifiers, the problems that can arise if ADHD goes undiagnosed and untreated, and suggested next steps.

What clients have to say

During a very crucial time, being a senior in college and preparing to take a standardized entrance exam for graduate school, Ms. Ebrahimi was able to provide me with techniques and methods to manage my levels of stress and I am very grateful to her.

Ms. Ebrahimi is a wonderful coach. She is very attentive, knowledgeable, and a great listener who helped devise solutions to my needs. She was also very motivating throughout our conversations. I highly recommend working with Ms. Ebrahimi who has been caring, compassionate, and provided me with great support and guidance.


Isabel was intuitive, warm, and validating as she coached me on my goal. She helped me to define it, resolve a conflict that was blocking my progress, and break it down into manageable concrete steps. She helped me to visualize when and where I would carry out the steps, how I would feel after completing them, etc. I felt very supported, and I appreciated Isabel’s confidence in my ability to achieve the goal. I look forward to reporting back to her after I do!

Donna G.

My daughter is dyslexic. She had an official diagnosis. The “experts” at the school instead of being helpful made her life at school worse. The experts did not understand why school and especially spelling test day would be stressful her. Oh no, she must have anxiety, and anger issues. I got one of the people to understand why school is stressful for LD students. But, what we wanted was our happy girl back. She is ridiculously bright but definitely didn’t feel it. Here, ISABEL was the person who really changed my daughter’s life as well as our family life. She knowingly and patiently told me about a school that is for students just like my daughter. How to find out about the school, apply and help my daughter learn to read. Isabel also, helped me deal with my feelings and move on. Now, none of her teachers report that my child is stressed. Instead, I hear how bright and diligent she is.


Over the course of teaching elementary school for over 15 years, I have seen close-up the damage that unrecognized/unaddressed attention deficit inflicts upon children. Because hyperactive children are unable to sit still and conform with the demands of school, they are frequently reprimanded and criticized by adults. With peers, they also frequently suffer negative encounters: their impulsivity can cause problems in friendship and conflicts in games and other group activities. Then, there is the area of academics. While frequently very bright, kids who can’t pay attention and sit still often do not complete their school work, can’t read for extended periods of time, and fail to get all of their ideas down on paper in assessments and writing assignments. The combination of all these negatives makes school an unpleasant place to be, and the drudgery of spending all day, every day in a setting where you feel you are no good inflicts great damage on self-esteem. Isabel knows so much about children with attention struggles, and is true advocate for them. I would highly recommend her help to any parent who is looking for advice and help for his or her child.

Maria W.

I have been using Help Is Here Coaching for two months now and could not be more satisfied with their services. Isabel is extremely passionate in her craft and has really helped me set guidelines towards achieving my goals.

More then anything, Isabel is truly a caring individual who believes in who you are and what you believe in. She creates a safe, comfortable environment where I can express myself freely.

I highly recommend her services.

Nicolas Rocco

Frequently Asked Questions

A unique, structured confidential partnership between you and me where we both actively collaborate and work together in engage in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires you to change and improve your life and to reach your personal potential. Or to improve your childs life and their potential. And together as partners, for us to identify the issues, and then, with my support as your coach for you to take the steps to overcome the obstacles that we have identified in your life. Coaching however is not training, consulting, or therapy. I am not a Doctor and I do not diagnose.

I am here to help you, your child and your family live a better life.

I will work with you and teach you how to break those blocks that you or your child have experienced so that you can make the changes that you desire and improve the quality of your life.

When coaching, we work one on one in repeating sessions, weekly, bi-weekly or even monthly. Most clients prefer telephonic sessions but other options are available. Times for phone calls are based on US Eastern Standard Time (EST). The first session may be one and one-half of an hour. Future sessions are 30 to 60 minutes. The length of the coaching session and relationship is client driven, but typically one hour sessions work optimally and a three to six month relationship is suitable for most objectives.

Most clients find that they need at least three to six months of coaching for best results—but the client controls the relationship so the amount of coaching depends on the issue and extent of change the client desires. Think about it, you want to improve a part of your life that has held you back for years.

Most coaching sessions are conducted over the phone. This allows both client and coach to have great flexibility in scheduling. If you live in the Metropolitan New York Area, and wish to meet in person, that is also possible.

For me to ask you questions and to establish what your values and strengths are, and we will also take a brief history. We will work from your strengths. The first session will establish what your goals are. Thereafter we will begin each session with our identifying specifically what issue you would like to work on that day, and then what goals you wish to address and from there begin our work and end with concrete action steps the you will take until our next meeting.

Office in Nyack:
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